We Gotta Get Out Of Here is a feature length documentary that chronicles the journeys of five youth struggling to beat the odds as they navigate their way out of the foster care system in Los Angeles.

The movie focuses individually on Mike, Ty, Tiffany, TeeJay, and Benson. All products of extremely abusive, violent, and drug infested childhoods, the film offers a sensitive and intimate look into their experience with the imploding California foster care system, their drive and inspiration to separate themselves from the status quo, and their desire to finally find a place they can call home.


Meet our inspiration! 


photo 1Mike- 20

The self described “Martha Stewart of low-income cooking”, is all smiles on the surface but has a depth of character and emotional capacity that far exceeds his age. His mother who loves him dearly is in and out of an outpatient rehab center and his stepfather whom Mike looked up to more than anyone passed away unexpectedly last year. Most days you’ll find him hanging out with his foster brother Ty, playing video games and basketball, watching Netflix, and texting with girls—he’s quite the ladies man. He has also recently enlisted in the US Navy, a commitment that he takes very seriously.

photo 3Ty-22

Most days you can find Ty at his foster home with Mike watching movies and TV, his two favorite TV shows are Leno (since cancelled) and Ellen. Ty is epileptic and struggles to control his seizures, so cannot partake in the activities that he loves; basketball and baseball. Despite having lived in over 38 foster homes since the age of 7, Ty is one of the most compassionate, smiling, and loving individuals that you will ever meet.


photo 4

Benson- 21

Benson is training to become a professional boxer and spends seven days a week working out at his boxing gym in downtown Los Angeles. Both of his parents are in prison and Benson says that he’s fighting to prove to them that his life wasn’t wasted just because they weren’t able to be a positive part of it. Benson is a tender and loving soul with wisdom that extends far beyond his years.


photo 2

Teejay- 18

Teejay is Benson’s younger sister. She was born with HIV and has battled discrimination and abuse for her entire life. She and her girlfriend Tiffany are struggling to get their feet planted firmly on the ground. Despite all of Teejay’s struggles she is always the first person to help out someone in need even if it means that she will have nothing for herself.


photo 5Tiffany- 18

Tiffany, Teejay’s girlfriend is one of the most vibrant people you will ever meet. Her personality radiates and fills up every room that she steps into. She is always by Teejay’s side, through thick and thin you will find them together trying to figure out how to navigate through the process of being emancipated from the foster care system.